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Peter Zhu

China lawyer

  • + Title: Patent and Trademark Lawyer
  • + Specialty: Intellectual Property
  • + Office: Shenzhen
  • + Tel: +86 18819019636

Licensed in China, based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Mr. Zhu is a China lawyer specialist in China intellectual property related matters and he has extensive experience in the field of intellectual property. His practice includes patent prosecution and the preparation of patentability, validity, and infringement opinion. He advises clients on commercial contracts, intellectual property rights and foreign direct investment, and deals with various Chinese government authorities on investigations and regulatory issues. 

Technical Field

Computer architecture, computer software, high frequency communications, stereoscopic imaging, telecommunication, signal processing, electronic devices, circuits and systems design, network devices and integrated circuit fabrication technology, memories, multimedia systems, and computer peripheral systems.

A native Mandarin speaker, Mr. Zhu is also fluent in English and proficient in Cantonise. He has written articles and is a frequent speaker on topics related to China litigation and international arbitration.

His clients include corporate giants in the telecommunications, media, entertainment and technology (TMET) sectors. Major brand owners from all sectors also benefit from our advice.  And apart from the TMET sector, he advises pharmaceutical and healthcare clients as well.

His services in intellectual property law cover:

  • Copyright
  • Domain names
  • Disputes and enforcement
  • Licencing and exploitation
  • Patents
  • Trademarks


Due To Peter Zhu's great job during his over 14 years of experience in China litigation matters, he was awarded nationally and locally. He frequently speaks at the Shenzhen Bar Association and Shenzhen University as a Litigation Expert.

China lawyer Peter Zhu did an excellent job. I felt confident I was being represented by a professional. Fantastic personal touch and attention to my needs and concerns at all times. He is realy a good China litigation lawyer. Peter Zhu was very understanding, helpful and explained things very clearly to me without the legal jargon. I will certainly be using your firm again.

David Nguyen

He often appears on TV show as well. Local TV station frequently invites him to attend law related discussions and he often expressed his views and opinions toward hot issues in today's China from legal perspective.

In addition, he is also a phylanthropist. He donated a lot to the law society's events and activities and to the poor student in the less developed regions in western China.

Absolute Integrity. Peter Zhu believes in professional ethics and integrity is the foundamental things of his career. He charges reasonable fees and never over charge clients.

A typical day of Peter Zhu is to appear in his office and check the calender - he frequent court a lot and it is his first priority to attend court hearing as well as client meeting.

Feel free to contact Peter Zhu for any legal counsultation.